Thursday September 16, 2021 12:48 PM

2023: “Leave Jonathan alone, put your house in order,” Ijaw group tells Igbos

Ijaw leader, Comrade Joseph Evah, has urges the people of the south east not to panic about the rumour that Ex-President President Goodluck Jonathan is eyeing the 2023 presidential election.

The group said that the ex-President would not force himself on Nigerians.

Speaking on the matter, the publicity Secretary of  Ijaw National Congress Comrade Evah had earlier insisted that South East must produce Presidency in 2023.

In a new message, he advised the people of the South East to organise themselves and not to blame others later.

“Former President Jonathan will never force himself on Nigerians in 2023, so people should be assured of that, but let me use this opportunity to pass a message to the Igbo people, yes they are good, very good, but they must properly organise themselves before they will blame any other force against them,” he was quoted by the Sun.

Eva noted that the political togetherness of Ndigbo is key at this point, adding that they must be united with a very strong voice.

“Many people are looking at the direction of Jonathan now, but of course, you know that Jonathan is not an over-ambitious man.

“They are the ones that are confusing Jonathan, Jonathan is not a confusionist, he is just there waiting in the wings, but the signal is that the Igbo should go and do their homework well, let nobody say that it is Jonathan who wants to force himself to become the president,” he said.

“Jonathan by nature will never force himself on Nigerians. I repeat, the Igbo should go and do their homework well, if you look at the history of Jonathan and his political life, he never forces himself on people in any way,” he added.

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