2023 Presidency: El-Rufai’s camp endorses Tinubu

Kaduna Governor Nasir el-Rufai and delegates of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have endorsed National Leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for the party’s presidential ticket.

The delegates, led by el-Rufai, gave their voice votes in support of Tinubu, noting they would give him total support as the first aspirant to approach them for votes.

el-Rufai said the people being addressed are all statutory delegates from where Kaduna’s 69 delegates to the national convention will be chosen on Tuesday.

“You are the first presidential aspirant to come to Kaduna. I cannot be fully in your corner unless the delegates agree. I know Asiwaju. I know his capacity and I know what he can do”.

The Governor then asked the delegates if they were for Tinubu to which they loudly responded “Yes”.

He also asked if anyone was against the former Lagos Governor to which they responded with a resounding “No”.

The Governor then said: “We are for consensus. The people here would ensure that they stand by you. Our people appeared convinced and when the people of Kaduna give our word, we keep our word”.

Tinubu expressed confidence in winning the APC primary and 2023 presidential election.

The former Lagos Governor said he is the most qualified of all the presidential aspirants across all political parties.

He said with his wealth of experience garnered from the private sector, fighting for return of democracy from the trenches, being a Governor for eight years who laid the foundation for development of Lagos State and being integral part of the APC merger, he is the best candidate.

He stated he knows the road and urged the people of Kaduna State to follow him.

Tinubu pledged to end insecurity and banditry, ensure infrastructural development, boost agriculture with return of commodity exchange, revive textiles and other moribund industries to create massive job opportunities.

According to him: “Under me, I am confident I will win, we would support you on all aspects of governance because you are a democratic people and you have history behind you.

“With the history of progressives, you are ready for changes, development and to give confidence to your children. You must work twice harder for this government to remain APC. That broom has meaning that is associated with religion; cleanliness, hygiene and getting rid of ghettos, thieves.

“Many of you are facing challenges of insecurity, going along with governance is exceptionally difficult period for our nation but with a foresight, visionary and committed leadership there is no way we would not overcome this struggle.

“I come to assure you that I am one of you, I identify with you and I am determined that with you, if given the mandate of our party we will defeat all evils called banditry. That is why we are running.

“Some people are running I don’t know where to but for me I am going to the Villa Insha Allah. I am running I don’t have legs without you. You are my legs, my wings to get me there. I would not let you down.

We have to ensure harmony and unity, unity of purpose. We are in that season again now to elect people, I say elect me. I’m the best of them in terms of experience, I have private sector experience, I have governance experience, you can see Lagos.

“We joined hands together we formed APC we didn’t fail and we are not going to fail. Our broom will sweep them to the dust bin. They spent 16 years we didn’t see the road. I know the road, you have been consistent in Kaduna. I know you will follow me, follow the man that knows the road.”

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