Monday September 26, 2022 2:44 PM

2023 Presidency: Help me spread news of my ambition- Tinubu begs Lagos lawmakers

All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu haa said Nigeria needed a courageous leader who can make drastic changes.

The former Governor of Lagos spoke at a one-day parley between current speakers and deputy speakers of the APC states.

The theme was: ‘The legislature, changing times and Nigeria’s democratic journey’.

It was learnt that the parley  was hosted by Lagos State House of Assembly Speaker Mudashiru Obasa in Ikeja.

According to him, development was about thinking and doing, which he had demonstrated.

The presidential aspirant said: “I want to become president legitimately through the ballot but I reserve the right to brag.

“I started my teething age of politics in the Senate; I was the youngest and I did well.

“I am well educated, sound, brilliant, vibrant, and one of the best alumni of the Chicago State University.

“I was a student-tutor and one of the most sought-after graduates after school as I had five job offers even before graduation.

“In the face of tyranny and all odds, I have survived, stood and fought for democracy, survived the exile, lived without family, while financing other pro-democracy groups.

“I have contributed to sustaining Nigeria’s democracy more than any other person. I am a very passionate being.

“I have contributed immensely more than any other person contesting today. I equally have it better when it comes to legislative experience.

“I am married to a senator, and have allowed her practice her religion well.”

Begging  the lawmakers to spread the news of his ambition, he added: “I am pushing and requesting for your support to be elected president of Nigeria in 2023.

“I am begging you to do me a favour so I can do Nigeria a favour. No one should leave here without a commitment to vote for me as a delegate.

“It is a very challenging time and we need to decide it right. How many of my fellow contenders have my experience as governor, even of a governor of my calibre?

“I am the first governor to grant autonomy to the House of Assembly even as I am knowledgeable in legislative duties.

“I survived the non-allocation of local government funds in Lagos, functioned and created jobs. We made progress out of adversity.

“Revenue generation, not allocation, has made Lagos the number one economy in Africa.

“Nigeria should not be an index of poverty, frustration, banditry, hooliganism, and the likes, but a country that we will all be proud of. We need to get it right.

“Nigeria needs me even as I need Nigeria. I will be a good example. I have a can-do spirit. I am confident, and I have never lost an election. I was raised to be courageous and this has been working for me.

“We can change the fortune of this country without giving excuses. I have demonstrated it in Lagos, and though people talk about traffic, I tell you that if there is no good economy, there won’t be traffic.

“We can rebuild this nation, reverse the carnage, but you need the visioner. I am the best visioner available and so I plead with you to decide well on who the APC candidate will be.

“Please decide well and I promise I will not let you down.”

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