2023 Presidency: Why we are mounting pressure on Yahaya Bello to contest- Group

An activist and political analyst Joseph Olusegun, an engineer, has urged supporters of Kogi State Governor Yahaha Bello to put pressure on him to contest for president in 2003.

Olusegun, who heads a group known as Yahaya Bello for Nigeria’ said this reporters in Lokoja, the state capital, on the state of the nation.

Acccording to him, the giant strides of the governor and his success I  uniting  the state make him a competent candidate for a higher service to the nation.

“Governor Yahaya Bello has learnt commitment to one Nigeria from President Muhammadu Buhari and he is the man who can make every Nigerian forget where he or she comes from and focus on building a united and virile nation”, he said.

He revealed that the group has mapped out plans to begin a nationwide campaign to put pressure on the Governor to accept the clarion call of Nigerians to run for the Presidency.


His words: “We have members across the nation and we are already mobilizing them for a nationwide tour to mount pressure on Governor Yahaya Bello to declare for the 2023 Presidency.

“Kogi has shown example in youth and women inclusion in statecraft. Governor Yahaya Bello has worked with women and youth to expand the opportunities of our dear state. We want him to replicate this at the centre.

“Our leader also has great respect for elders too. That was why he institutionalized the Elders’ Advisory Council in the State to create a platform for elders to advise the young drivers of the economy of Kogi State.

“Even those aspiring to be President already know that GYB is the man to beat because of his reputation in Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Infrastructural Development, Youth and Women inclusiveness, unity, security and many other areas.

“We are very optimistic that he will listen to us and declare for the 2023 Presidency because Nigeria needs him”.

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