Sunday November 28, 2021 7:39 PM

2015: Jonathan’s phone call to Buhari saved Nigeria from destruction- Melaye

Former Kogi West Senator, Dino Melaye, has relived the events that characterized the 2015 general elections, stating that  ex-President Goodluck Jonathan saved Nigeria from destruction by bconceding defeat.

Acccording to the controversial Senator the phone call made by the ex-President to President Muhammadu Buhari where he conceded defeat saved Nigeria.

Speaking at a function in FCT, he expressed regret for attacking Jonathan in 2015.

Melaye said: “I Senator Dino Melaye, I want to say openly here that after many things that have happened and events that have unfolded in recent times, I want to say openly here that once I was blind, now I can see.

“President Goodluck Jonathan, I want to say that on behalf of all of us who shot blindly, we are sorry.

“The one that I later wondered why you did was that phone call.

“I sometimes wondered that if you had not made that call, we would not be where we are today.

“But after I saw what is happening in America, where President Trump is saying ‘I no go gree,’ I can now see the reason for that call.

“There are very few people like you. I pray for that anointing

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