Saturday July 24, 2021 3:32 PM

A lot of Revelations will come up towards the end of Buhari’s tenure- Lai Omotola

The Group Managing Director of CFL Group and the publisher of, Lai Omotola has made a startling remark about the current happenings in the country’s political terrain .

Acccording to him, lot of revelations would crop up during the twilight of President Mohammadu Buhari’s tenure in 2023.

He noted that political and socio-economic situations would be tensed in such a way that those who have been tolerating President Buhari would later find it difficult to keep on tolerating him.

Making this remark during the annual press conference/briefing at E-Boot Camp Conference Center in Maryland, Lagos on Thursday, the renowned social affairs analyst said that the Nigerian Political playing field has become worse, noting that, despite activities that have evolved over the time, Nigerian politicians are yet to learn their lessons.

Acccording to him: “A lot of revelations will begin to crop up towards the end of tenure of President Mohammadu Buhari in the sense that some of those who have been tolerating him would not be able to do tolerate him anymore.

X-raying the political scenario of Third Force, Omotola noted that the efforts being made to hit the ground with it would not achieve desired results, adding that the proponents would just try.

He noted that fresh people that should in the front burner of Nigerian politics are the distinguished ones that have garnered the needed political experience and positions, but with fresh ideas, fresh knowledge and good intentions.

He also lamented that average Nigerian politicians are becoming more desperate
in their quest for Political powers and positions.

In his words: “Politics have become worse. Our politicians have become more desperate. Take for example, a politician asking Supreme Court to vacate its judgment. The Supreme Court had to slam the lawyers who called for that with heavy fine.”

He also took a swipe at the major opposition party, PDP saying that the party has not fared well and its opposition has not been critical.

He accused the major opposition party of being immatured and playing politics of sentiments.

“Take for example, when the Kankara school boys were kidnapped by unknown gunmen in Katsina, I expected the PDP to show some modicum of political maturity by sympathizing with the President. Instead, they hurriedly when to the social media by launching #BringBackOurboys campaign, fortunately, few days later, the school boys regained their freedom. Presidential media aide, Garba Shehu had to mock the opposition party. To me, this politics played by PDP did not make sense,” Omotola said.

Speaking on the speculations that former President Goodluck Jonathan is nursing the ambition to contest in the 2023 Presidency under the platform of APC, he warned the former President to be cautious in his future political foray.

Omotola stated that these are same caliber of people in APC that had uttered all sorts of derogatory and demeaning remarked about the ex-President in the past

“If he decamps to APC and he doesn’t get the presidential ticket, how will he feel, considering his name and personality,” he added

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