Sunday November 28, 2021 7:13 PM

Anambra Election: NSA issues strong warning to those planning to cause mayhem

The National Security Adviser, retired Major General Babagana Monguno, has warned people planning to cause mayhem in the Anambra State Governorship election schedule to hold on November 6, should have a rethink.

He made this remark  during the general security appraisal committee meeting with services chiefs and heads of other agencies,

He assured that the security agencies would ensure that the people of Anambra State elect their next governor without any rancour

Mungono also warned all security operatives to apply self-restraint while performing their duties on the face of provocation.

According to him, President Muhammadu Buhari has been briefed on efforts to ensure a peaceful election without destruction lives and property.

“Our intentions,our aspirations are to see that the elections do not result in anything that is unwanted. Any bloodshed,any violence, intimidation, coercion or even terrorising the people of Anambra state,” Monguno said.

“It is their fundamental right to vote and choose whoever they want as their governor and they should not be denied that right. More importantly they should not be put in a situation whereby they are reluctant to come out and vote.

“Ours is to instil confidence in the entire South East particularly in Anambra State to make sure that nothing happens to those people who will come out to vote.

“The security agencies have also been told to exhibit the highest level of professionalism,self restraint, discipline and adherence to what is written in the statute. They must make sure that they do not allow themselves to be provoked.

“This is because we have made them to understand that they owe themselves responsibility to stay alive. So they are not going to go there and sit,allow themselves to be harmed but at the same time,they will have to work together with the community,the political leadership to ensure that nothing theatrical takes place.

“We have been assured by the Commissioner of police and the Armed Forces have put everything in place to be the second layer to make sure that lives does not loss. Alot of things have happened in the SE in recent months,there are people and this is not peculiar to Nigeria,all over the world agitate for certain things but there are ways in which you can realize your objectives without resorting to tactics that are not orthodox. PMB does not have an aversion towards democratic objectives being realised.

“Law enforcement agencies have been mandated to make sure that the elections are conducted without rancor, we’ll behave in conformity with the laws of the land and ensure that the people of Anambra State are protected.”

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