Friday October 07, 2022 3:09 AM

APC has destroyed Nigeria, they must be voted out, says ex-Minister

Ex-minister of Sports and Youth Development, Bolaji Abdullahi, has said that Nigerians should not waste time in voting out the All Progressive Congress in the 2023 elections,.

According to him, the present ruling party has no business in governance anymore because it  has ruined the country.

He added that the upcoming general elections offer another golden opportunities for the people to put Nigeria back on track.

He noted that Nigeria can only become great again if the people vote away  chased away politicians in the ruling party

He made those statements while speaking on ‘Retooling Nigeria For the Task Ahead’.

Abdullahi said, “The APC government has brought this nation to its kneels. All the things we thought could not happened had happened in the last seven years. There is no way we can exonerate APC from the problems of this country.

“APC has ruined this country. Nigerians should say no to any politician seeking elective office under APC. 2023 presents historic opportunity to make Nigeria work again.

“Every Nigerian lives in fear today because of the problems of insecurity and poverty. The poorest of the poor are 90 million in Nigeria today. But we seem not to understand the magnitude of the problem facing us. We carry on as if all is well. We are treating cancer with wrapping bandage on it.”

Abdullahi also traced Nigeria’s problem to 1966 when the nation had its first coup plot, said that no nation can have peace without justice.

He added, “After the civil war our leaders ought to realise that the Nigeria that the British gave us could not work. We should have restructured the country then.

“Another opportunity we missed to make Nigeria a real nation was the annulment of June 12. We diagnosed the issue as if it was a Yoruba problem and decided to make one of them a president in 1999. We had a lot of opportunities in June 12 debacle but we bungled them.”

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