Friday March 05, 2021 2:40 AM

APC is already a dead political party in Adamawa- PDP

The Adamawa State Chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has hit back at the All Progressives Congress (APC) over allegation that PDP  is attempting to cause disunity in the APC.

The PDP, in a statement on Thursday, said the APC in the state is a dead party making baseless allegations to excuse its fate.

“The APC in Adamawa State is a dead horse. Consequently, its members have seen the rising horizon and have decided to identify with the government that is focused and ready to move the state forward,” the PDP stated.

The PDP-formed administration of Governor Ahmadu Fintiri had earlier in the week announced appointments of special advisers and assistants as well as the constitution of several boards, and the appointments had gone to some members of opposition parties, including the APC.

The verbal war between the PDP and APC in the state was ignited Wednesday when the APC released a statement declaring that all members who accepted appointments from the PDP state government should consider themselves expelled from the APC.

The APC had in the same statement charged that the PDP had been trying ways to cause disunity in the APC.

The PDP, in its response signed by its state chairman, Barr Tahir Shehu, said the appointments offered to members of the APC and other parties were intended to disprove the ‘winner takes all’ attitude.

“It becomes expedient to bring onboard people from other parties who are determined to move Adamawa State forward,” the PDP said.

The party added, however, that its umbrella is large enough to cover everyone, and directed its structures at all levels in the state to accept the appointees rejected by their parties and accord them all privileges

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