Wednesday January 26, 2022 6:05 AM

APC members drink beer from 9am, not the entire Benue people- Ortom

The Governor of Benue, Samuel Ortom has reacted to the viral media report accusing him of referring to the entire people of his State as drunkards.

It will be recalled that reports emerged on many online media platforms on Saturday alleging that the governor had during a function in the state said “if you go round Makurdi town, our people start drinking beer from 9 am and some from there, they will go to sleep, and they come back and insult the governor for not helping them to add value to their lives”.

Reacting to the viral statement, the Governor through his Chief Press Secretary, Nathaniel Ikyur said he was only referring to a few members of the State who are known for attacking him and his administration inspite of his efforts to ensure that the state was not lagging behind in development.

Ortom, who described the report as “completely mischievous misrepresentation”, said his comment was targeted at the members of the All Progressives Congress in the State.

The statement reads in part, “We wish to state categorically that the news, especially the caption is a completely mischievous misrepresentation and an attempt to ridicule the person of the governor,” the statement reads.

“The Governor was clear that most Benue people know and do appreciate the great developmental strides he is doing for them.

“He regretted that some of those who insult, blackmail, or castigate him unnecessarily, specifically are a few and from the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC who sit in beer parlours for long hours and have conditioned their minds to malign him no matter how much he has done.

“He was clear how these APC supporters do that without cogent or issue-based criticisms but simply out of mischief. He was also clear that critics of his administration should offer constructive criticisms as he does to the federal government”.

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