APC to Adeleke: You are confused, have nothing to offer

The Osun All Progressives Congress, APC, has attacked the new Govermor Ademola Adeleke, saying that  setting up of various review Panels is meant to achieve  predetermined outcomes.

According to the party, the governor should settle down to study the handover notes so as to prevent the blunders he is committing.

Opposition party also called on Adeleke . to be humble enough to accept his blunders he has committed since he took mantle of leadership.

In a statement signed by its Director of Operations, Hon. Sunday Akere, opposition party said: “We told you from day one that these people have nothing to offer. We can all see from their first action that they are even confused.

“They had told us long ago that they were coming to sack. They came and announced it. Why set up a panel after taking a decision? What they are doing can be likened to doing ablution after observing prayers. Who does that?

“You have asked traditional rulers to step aside, yet you want a panel to do a review. Are they taking up the role of the judiciary as well because we are aware that some of the cases are already in court? Furthermore, we know for a fact that our government enthroned over 20 monarchs before we left. Why focus on just three? And of these three, one was our former party chairman. Is there no political undertone in all of these?

“Nigerians must be aware that the panels are going to work from the answers. And since the answers are known, why waste taxpayers’ money unnecessarily? The governor should be humble enough to admit his blunders. He appears to lack the basic understanding of how governance works,” the APC added.

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