Sunday August 01, 2021 10:25 PM

APC youth wing calls for convocation of Inter-generational conference to resolve national issues

The  All Progressives Congress (APC) youths stakeholders have called for convocation of the Inter-generational National Equity Conference to.

The APC youth wing said that the conference is necessary to ersolve various lingering national issues.

Member of the Caretaker/Extra-Ordinary National Convention Planning Committee (CENCPC) and the National Youth leader of the party, Barrister Ismaeel Ahmed, disclosed this to newsmen at the National Secretariat of the party in Abuja after a crucial meeting of some young stakeholders.

According to Ahmed, the meeting was to enable youths in the party proffer solution to the crisis.

Shedding light on the proposed conference, Ahmed said the talk shop is the coming together serving leaders and the younger generation with a view to “engage, dialogue and collectively resolve the various crisis that has bedeviled the country for decades.”

According to the youth leader: “This is a conference where the government is going to come to the table and discuss with some youths on the need to see that this country belongs to every one of us and whatever we do now will echo for eternity or at least, the next 30years and those people who are going to lead in that next 30 years should be part of the discussion on how to reshape this country.

“This is a conversation that we need to have, it’s a conversation we are pushing the government to have. It’s a conversation that hopefully we will have when this is all over and we can have a real conversation on how to move our country forward.”

The youth leader, who affirmed the right of the protesting youths to peaceful protests, appealed to them not allow the fifth columnist and disgruntled elements to hijack the protest.

He noted that the on-going crisis was a product of years of mistrust of the government, stressing the youth wing of the party would ensure President Muhammadu Buhari right the wrongs of many decades by successive administrations.

Ahmed described the violent turn of the protest after over 12 days of peaceful outing as unfortunate.

“I think it is unfortunate, but look I have been in the country for long to know that whenever there is a platform like this, there will be an attempt for a few people to hijack it.

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“There will be attempts by people with different agenda to come into it and bring all sorts of ideas into it.

“From the beginning, a lot of people suspected that this is an attempt to stampede a democratically elected government out of office.

“If really these people are patient, all they need is to mobilise, there is an election coming up in 2023 but of course there will be attempts by people who are disgruntled politicians, who couldn’t take us out of poverty but will want to use innocent people through this platform where youths are asking for Police reform to get at the government. But is not going to happen.

“I am sure the protesters know that they should not allow disgruntled elements and fifth columnist to get into them to try to derail them from what they have gained and I hope that they will listen to me and not allow this protest to hijacked politically motivated persons.”

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