Wednesday May 25, 2022 5:20 PM

Buhari hosts members of NASS at State House, discuss national issues

President Mohammadu Buhari has said that Insecurity is holding down development.

He made this remark while having dinner parley with Senators and House of Representatives on Tuesday night.

He added that the situation needs to be tackled with difficult decisions that must be fine with diligence and patriotism.

According to him,  such measures remain the only way to ensuring Nigeria’s survival.

He expressed his administration’ readiness y to use everything within its powers to restore peace and bring perpetrators of criminal activities to book.

He said: “Insecurity, manifesting as insurgencies, banditry, kidnapping and urban crime of all sorts is the single most difficult challenge we face today.

‘‘Some of the people who perpetuate these various manifestations of insecurity do so for profit, others, in the name of discredited ideologies.

“Whatever their motivations may be, their actions are an existential threat to our country.

“In the circumstances, we must do everything within our power, without consideration of distractions, to put an end to their activities and bring them to book.

“We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted from this objective, or waver in our commitment, and I am confident that together we will triumph in our present efforts.”

He lauded the Ninth National Assembly for discharging their legislative duties with maturity and competence, describing the legislature as “full partners in national development.”

The President said: “Our ability to govern in the best interests of the Nigerian people depends to a great deal on effective collaboration and partnership between the Legislature and the Executive.

“The obligation to check and balance each other is not an invitation to conflict, and it should not be characterised by quarrelsome disagreement when consultation, engagements and compromise have proven time and again to be a more effective approach.

“In the Ninth Assembly, you have distinguished yourselves by your conduct in office, by the scale and quality of your legislative interventions, and by your capacity for engaging with the difficult questions facing the country with maturity and competence.”

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