Friday March 05, 2021 2:27 AM

Buhari may not end tenure, Osinbajo may take over- Prophet

Apostle Paul Okikijesu of the Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry, has predicted that President Muhammadu Buhari may not last in power till the end of 2021.

Acccording to him,  Buhari needs prayers, or else what happened in the case of Musa Ya’Radua and Goodluck Jonathan in May, 2010 may happen soon.

“Thus saith the Lord: People should pray seriously for him [Buhari], so that when the looming crisis bursts, it will not be out of his control, and harm this man,” he said in a  prophecy on tSaturday.

“People should still pray for him because he is their President, so that the crown will not be taken away from him and given to his neighbor who is better than him.

“So that the Vice President will not take over his position just like what happened during the time of Ya’radua and Jonathan.

“He should not get involved in corrupt conducts or bloodshed during this period, says the Lord God of hosts.

“Thus says the Lord: He should not listen to bad and inappropriate advice of the people who surrounded him; who are muddling up his government. So that his journey will not be ruined

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