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1. Every movement should have a leader or co-leaders. A movement without a leader is a mob
2. Every movement should have an ideology, a movement without an ideology lacks knowledge. Knowledge is power
3. No particular generation can make a change alone. We need the buy in of all generations
4. SARS in South is different from SARS in North, avoid generalization.
5. We can all be in a bus but our destination may not be the same every one drops when they get to their bus stop. Beware of divergent interests.
6. There is time to advance and there is time to retreat only a leader can know.
7. There is unity in voluntary work instead of reward-based work.
8. It is strategy that win war and not weapons
9. Your constituent is not only the social media it also includes the so called “hoodlums”


10 Government should have defined peaceful protest from onset as a protest that will not hurt others that are not part of the protest.
11 A dedicated location should have been created for peaceful protesters in all local Government Councils
12 Government should have resisted the shutting down of Lekki toll gate because it infringes on the right to movement of others that are not part of the protest
13 Government should know that false news is new media propaganda which is an element of warfare
14 Government should have immediately set up a social media control room that counters every false news in real time.
15 Social media is now the new weapon of warfare build your own Army.
16 There is an unprecedented hatred in the country
17 The protest is not over it is just starting
18 Government should be fearful because she can be over run.
19 No option to good governance.
20 Return power to the people.

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