Monday March 08, 2021 4:00 PM

Ex-Ogun PDP Chairman threatens to expose Buruji Kashamu

Former Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State, Engr Bayo Dayo has threatened expose the bad deeds of Senator Buruji Kashamu in the past if he continues blackmailing him.

Kashamu, the 2019 governorship candidate of the PDP in Ogun State, has earlier accused Dayo of plots to assassinate him.

Kashamu petitioned the Ogun State Commissioner of Police, accusing Dayo of keeping a gun in his house under the guise of being a hunter.

In his reaction, Dayo said he chose not to expose Kashamu because of the relationship they used to have before now.

According to him, everything done by the former Ogun East Senator during his days as a youth were well known to him.

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However, he said he would not go into details now, unless Kashamu refused to stop blackmailing him all around.

“Buruji Kashamu is shouting that I want to kill him. Many of you have been to my house on many occasions. Have you ever seen me harbouring thugs all around me as a Chairman? Some Chairmen will have thugs, but at my age, there is no reason for me to be harbouring thugs in my house.

“Buruji Kashamu has more than 50 bouncers walking around with him every day. If kashamu dies, what is going to be my gain? But for him to be calling me names, it is an abomination in Ijebuland, because I am almost 14 years ahead of him. So, for him to be talking bad of me when he knows that we have been very very close, it means Buruji Kashamu does not know how to maintain a relationship.

“And because I am still maintaining a relationship, that is why I have not said a lot of things. I know what he has done in the past; I know a lot about him, but I am an old man and there’s a limit to what I can say. Those I have said are what many people know. What he was doing from his youth, I know it.

“I will not go into details now, but if he does not stop all those blackmailing he is doing all about, I will have no alternative than to expose him fully,” Bayo Dayo warned.

The PDP chieftain said Kashamu was in politics to make money, describing him as an accidental Senator.

Speaking on why the two of them broke apart, he said: “The problem between us is that he called me and said he is going to hang the PDP in Ogun State and they (party members) won’t be able to do anything with it.

“He said he doesn’t want the party to be useful to anybody. How can a Chairman be happy with that? I’m not happy with him because he does not want the PDP to progress.

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