Gov Uba deliberately plans to embarrass me- El-Rufai

Former Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, on Tuesday, once again took his successor, Governor Uba Sani, to the cleaners, chastising him for concocting financial figures to indict him and his administration with the dubious claim that his administration diverted a whooping sum of N423,115,028,072.88.

The former governor, who spoke through his former commissioners at a press conference in Abuja, dismissed the purported financial report indicting them, saying that the so-called report lacked merit and was deliberately and mischievously orchestrated by Uba Sani and his team to discredit him and his administration.

The commissioners, who served with El-Rufai between 2015 and 2023, described the so-called report made public by the Kaduna State House of Assembly on June 5, 2024, as plucking outlandish figures out of thin air in the hope of tarnishing the former governor and his administration as corrupt but failed woefully to establish any iota of graft in the end.

“The avalanche of figures seems only to have had the effect of mesmerising the legislators who cite one amount here, and then something different on exactly the same figure,” the commissioners said at the press conference in Abuja on Tuesday.

According to the former public officials, the alleged siphoning of N423,115,028,072.88 by the Government of Kaduna State from 29th May 2015 to 29th May 2023 is a comical claim as the report does not in anywhere show where the sum of money was taken from and how it was taken and by who.

The commissioners said, “The Report does not show how they arrived at this figure, and how they decided that money had been siphoned, how it was done, from which accounts and to where. They just decreed a figure and declared it! This is the Ad-hoc Committee in action, indulging in voodoo accounting just to concoct a scandal.

“State Government’s share of revenues is put at N811,663,310,000 on Page 138. Yet, by the time they got to Page 168, the Committee had adopted a different figure of N1,497,682,993.375, without saying how and why. These contradictory figures within the same Report illustrate the lack of consistency, credibility and reliability of the so-called findings.

“The Ad-hoc Committee alleges that a State Government “siphoned” more than half of the N811.6bn it got as revenues over eight years, but it cannot even decide on the precise amount of these total revenues,” the commissioners alleged.

In all the commissioners dismissed the Uba Sani report as a joke taken too far and vilified him for trying desperately to impugn governor el-Rufai and his team despite the fact that the only projects and programmes the current governor is showcasing his achievements derived primarily from the loans the former administration put in place.

The commissioners also condemned Governor Uba Sani for using his focal blood brother in writing the report against el-Rufai and his administration, saying that it was unethical to do so under any guise.

They also expressed surprise over the loud silence of the so-called report on those who cornered the CBN-sponsored Anchor Borrowers Scheme under the current administration in Kaduna and would want the government to delve into it to unravel the silent beneficiaries and how they applied the fund.

“There is a loud silence in the Report about the CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme in which Kaduna State was perhaps the State with the largest quantum of borrowing. Who are the beneficiaries? Why is the House of Assembly neither interested in nor curious about it? When Ibrahim Husaini, a former Commissioner of Agriculture, testified on 7th May 2024, he was questioned about the Anchor Borrowers Programme, and he submitted an affidavit to the House of Assembly. Curiously, his name does not appear on the list of witnesses and his testimony is omitted in the Report. Did his testimony contain certain inconvenient facts that the Ad-hoc Committee chose to steer clear?

The former commissioners also accused the authors of report of having a conflict of interests and being unfit to preside over the sessions that purportedly indicted them, citing the Speaker and others are examples.

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