Friday September 18, 2020 8:59 PM

Ihedioha’s Lawyer to Supreme Court: Imo judgement review an opportunity to redeem your image

Kanu Agabi, counsel to Emeka Ihedioha, former governor of Imo state, says his client’s application is a great opportunity for Supreme Court to redeem its image.

Agabi’s position was contained in a written address that accompanied the application of the Ihedioha.

On Wednesday, Ihedioha, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in Imo, asked the apex court to sack Hope Uzodinma, his successor.

In January, the apex court had replaced the PDP candidate in the March election with Uzodinma, who finished a distant fourth

In the application, Ihedioha said the judgement should be annulled because the apex court was misled by Uzodinma.

He said the judgement was obtained by fraud and that it was not made on statutory provisions.

In the written address recently, Agabi asked the supreme court to prove to the world that its court is sacred, The Cable reports.

“At this, of all times, our Supreme Court has been afforded this unique opportunity of allaying the fears of those who cast aspersions on the credibility of our courts,” he said.

“Those who mean well for the nation will agree that we have here an opportunity for the Supreme Court to mitigate public misgiving of our courts and to rehabilitate her reputation and restore the good name of the judiciary by setting aside this judgment which seems to us to be a nullity; we may be quite wrong. In that case, please, forgive us.

“Your verdict in this matter should match the solemn oath you have taken. Remember that every decision of this honourable court involves the good name of the judiciary. Prove to the world that this court is sacred. Let your verdict help to retain the good graces of our people.

“It is owed to the work of this supreme court that the nation continues to survive. it is that work that gives us the confidence to present this application. That you are willing to reconsider your decision gives you honour and glory.

“We come before you firmly convinced that you will act in aid of the cause of justice. In this application we appeal to you, we urge you, we beg you to preserve the glorious reputation of this court. We appeal to you to prove wrong all those who have an evil opinion of our judiciary. Here is a great opportunity for your Lordships to act.

“Free the judiciary from suspicion. Give no one cause to despise our courts. Prove to the World that you are the equals of the courts of other nations. Remember always that as you sit in judgment over us, so the nation sits in judgment over you. And you should worry, not just over the judgment of this generation, but also the judgment of generations to come when none of us will be alive to defend our actions.”

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