Saturday December 10, 2022 4:32 AM

Lagos APC should sort out issue of unresolved primaries to avoid full scale crisis- Aspirant

An aspirant for the ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Shomolu Constituency 1 in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Olusegun Oladapo said that it is highly needed for the authority of the party in Lagos to sort out the issue of the unresolved primary to elect its flag bearer for the constituency.

According to him, the primary was suspended because of some irregularities to prevent the exercise from degenerating into full scale crisis.

He added that at this period, the  party is likely to opt for a consensus arrangement to avoid too much acrimony because they have been urged to step down for each other.

The aspirant revealed that he has already stepped down four times for other aspirants in the past and is not ready to do so a fifth time, adding that he is the most favourable aspirant. He said:

“If the party leaders are thinking towards picking a consensus candidate, they should think towards my direction and look at my loyalty to the party and my help to the party for a very long time since the inception of the party.


“For instance, when Olowo Rotimi emerged as the candidate in 2007, there was no primary. I was asked to step down for him and I have stepped down in the party’s interest four times now. So, if the party wants to reward loyalty and hard work, it should look towards my direction because I have stood by the party over the years.”

The aspirant, popularly known as Oscar, said he is not comfortable with the way things are going “because since the election panel left, they’ve not called us for any meeting or anything”. He added: “We know that if it gets to this stage, it becomes ‘who knows who’… It’s only God the father that I have and not ‘godfather’.”

He said he is very popular in the community and that he has won elections for the party in the past

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