Liberia is becoming model Of Democracy In Africa – Jonathan

Former president, Goodluck Jonathan, says Liberia is becoming a model of democracy in Africa and beyond, having attained “political stability.’’

He told journalists in the capital, Monrovia, during Tuesday’s presidential run-off election, that democracy had been institutionalised in Liberia.

He spoke in his capacity as co-leader of the United States’ National Democratic Institute (NDI) International Elections Observation Mission to Liberia for the run-off polls.

“Looking at the political history of Liberia, the country has passed through challenges.

“They conducted elections and the President stayed for the complete two terms and this president is about handing over to another elected president.

“That shows that Liberia is now politically stable to be a good example of democracy. Democracy is being institutionalised in Liberia.

“It will help the country, because it shows that the country is stable and it will attract foreign direct investors.

“And for Africa, especially in the West African sub-region, it is a great achievement,”Jonathan said.

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