Tuesday May 26, 2020 3:15 AM

Maina feigning illness, he is receiving ‘presidential treatment’ at Kuje Prison- Source

The trial of Abdulrasheed Maina by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission recently suffered a slight setback as the accused said he is indisposed.

Sources, however, have revealed that Maina, who is trying to evade justice, feigned sickness to deceive the judge to grant him bail on health ground, SaharaReporters reports.

It was revealed that Maina connived with the Assistant Comptroller of Kuje Prison, offering him cash to keep him away from appearing at the court.

An insider who spoke to SaharaReporters, likened the treatment Maina was receiving to a “presidential treatment”.

“Maina daily receives presidential treatment in the prison. He received visitors, takes his desired meals and sleeps in the ACP’s office.

“The prison official, under the instruction of the ACP has consistently refused or delays the presentation of Maina in court for trial.

“At a time, Maina was brought so late that the judge stood down the matter. He was also not produced at all in court, on the flimsy excuse of sickness and inability to appear in court, it was a planned and deliberate move,” the source said.

This trend is symptomatic of Maina’s antecedence of bribing to escape justice or curry favours.

Maina is currently seeking a bail on health ground but the EFCC opposing the application said, “Maina is not a responsible citizen but a fugitive of law”.

The EFCC said if granted bail, Maina, with the huge funds at his disposal, would compromise its witnesses, some of whom are his blood relations and family members.

“Our investigation also revealed that the 1st defendant/applicant’s Nigerian passport has expired long time ago and he has relocated to Dubai, UAE with his wife and children, who are equally American citizens, all of them using their American passports.

“Owing to the expiration of his passport and deliberate efforts to avoid being apprehended, the 1st defendant/applicant had always come into Nigeria (during his stay abroad as fugitive) by road, dubiously sneaking in the middle of the night through Niger Republic and alternating the routes through Katsina/Sokoto borders with Niger Republic,” the EFCC told the judge.

The judge had adjourned ruling on the bail application of Maina to November 21 and 22, 2019.

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