Saturday June 19, 2021 4:14 AM

Ondo PDP slams indefinite suspension on key members

The Ondo State the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has suspended five key members of the party indefinitely.

The statement to this effect was issued issued on Tuesday night by the party.

Acccording to the statement, they were suspended for anti-party activities.

The affected members are:former Chairman of the party, Ebenezer Alabi and former Publicity Secretary of the party in South West, Ayo Fadaka, Rasheed Elegbeleye; Chief Oyedele Ibini and Hon. Lad Ojomo.

The information released by the Publicity Secretary of the party, Kennedy Peretei stated that that the Elders’ Committee of the party had been disbanded.

The statement read, “Pursuant to Section 58(1)(a)(b)(f)and (h)of the Peoples Democratic Party Constitution (2017 as Amended) the under listed persons are hereby suspended indefinitely from the party for anti-party activities and gross misconduct: Chief Oyedele Ibini; Hon. Lad Ojomo; Mr.Ayo Fadaka; Hon. Rasheed Elegbeleye and Hon. Ebenezer Alabi.

“By this decision, they are expected to stop parading themselves as members of the party. All organs of the party are to take note in this regard.

“They stand suspended until the outcome of the report of the State Disciplinary Committee.

“In another development, the State Working Committee has dissolved the State Elders Committee. In accordance with the provisions of our constitution (2017 as Amended), another State Elders Committee will be constituted in due course.

“We also want to put it on record that, the State Executive Committee of the PDP in Ondo State did not send any delegation to anywhere to represent the Party. Whoever lays claim to such is an impostor and does not represent the opinions of our teaming supporters in the State,” the statement

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