Saturday January 28, 2023 8:25 PM

PDP Crisis: I have the power to stop Ortom’s political ambition- Ayu

The crisis rocking the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) took a dramatic twist on Saturday as the  National Chairman Senator Iyorchia Ayu warned Benue Governor Samuel Ortom and other critics that he has the powers to stop them from contesting political posts in 2023.

It will be recalled that Ayu and Ortom have been at loggerheads since the emergence of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa as the running mate of the PDP’s presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar. Ortom and others are angry that Govermor Nyesom Wike of Rivers should be the presidential running mate instead of Okowa.

It should also be noted that both Ayu and Ortom hail from Benue North West and the Governor is gunning for the senatorial seat on the platform of the major opposition party

Speaking during a political event  at his home in Gboko on Saturday, Ayu said that  he is capable of stopping any candidate in the State, who is contesting on the platform of the PDP from achieving their ambitions.

He added that because he is a father to all and sundry in the major opposition party, he won’t react in such manner.

“I have been silent over all the things you are hearing against me because I don’t want any crack in the party I belong in my state. I have the powers to say you and you will not go anywhere because I will insist that I must sign before you go anywhere. But I have signed for all candidates produced by the PDP to go ahead in their dreams, whether I like it or not I signed.

“So I was doing that believing that I cannot shoot myself in the leg. I want Benue to come first by winning all elections so that Nigerians will say that the National Chairman has delivered his state to PDP with Alhaji Atiku Abubakar winning 90 per cent of the votes and Titus Uba as Governor in 2023. Nothing should worry you, my people.

“Since I started politics more than 30 years ago, you have never rejected me, you are always supporting me. They say a prophet has no respect in his home but my case is different. I am overwhelmed by this great show of love.

“The PDP is one and not divided. I am trying my best not to disappoint the Benue people and Nigerians in general. So if you hear that they want to chase Ayu out as national chairman, don’t be worried; nobody is going to sack me as national chairman of our party.

“I will leave the seat on a day that God permits. It is God that enthrones leadership. He uses people to enthrone a person over others and protects that person. I want to assure you that all these days, God has been protecting me even when I went on sick leave abroad, God is still protecting me. The Tiv people have suffered so much in this country,” Ayu explained.

Urging the people of the State to support Atiku’s presidential ambition, he added that the presidency of Atiku will work closely with the Governor of Benue State to wipe out people tears in the state.

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