Friday September 24, 2021 1:30 AM

PDP’s contributions to the growth of democracy is unequalled – Secondus

The new National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Uche Secondus, said that his party was founded on ideals that are “totally in tandem” with those of Nigeria’s founding fathers.

“Those founding fathers had in mind, a prosperous and lasting democracy as captured in the preamble of our Constitution, clearly stating their desire for a free and egalitarian society,” he said.

“Even in our perceived failure of 2015, we chose to abide by our strong faith in democracy, willingly conceding power to opposition, thereby elevating the democratic status of Nigeria. We are true democrats.”

Although the PDP was swept out of power at the Federal level by the APC in 2015 after a 16-year rule, Secondus remains proud of its performance.

“I can, therefore, say without an iota of doubt that PDP’s contributions to the growth and sustenance of democracy in this country in the last 18 years remain unequalled,” he said.

‘We’ve learnt our lessons’

Despite defending the PDP’s performance, Secondus admitted that it was not above mistakes. And as he starts his mandate with the promise of leading the party back to power in 2019, he plans to achieve the objective by learning from the past.

“With your mandate, I assure you that all necessary steps will be taken to avoid a repeat of our past mistakes. Indeed, we have learnt our lessons and by this Convention, we are now set to forge a new path for our great party and Nigeria,” he said.

“Under my watch, internal democracy will be strictly adhered to with a deliberate policy to return ‘real’ power to the people. No more imposition, no more impunity. Every member of this party can from this moment consider him or herself an equal shareholder in our common destiny.”

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