Friday September 18, 2020 10:03 PM

Prophet Iginla predicts doom for APC, says ruling party will split

Prophet Joshua Iginla of Champions Royal Assembly has released 44 shocking prophecies for the year 2020 on the political and international scenes.

Iginla predicted the emergence of another form of terrorism, adding that the agitation for Biafra would be strong in 2020.

He disclosed that there will be disaffection, disunity and splitting in the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, at the end of their tenure.

According to Daily Post, The clergyman also predicted the persecution of Nigerians this year.

The prophecies read in full below;

1) The government of the day will do her best to see how to improve the life of the common man but I see a lot of battles.

2) The economy will suffer a lot of setbacks . I am not a prophet of doom but I see a lot of hardship, it will take God’s intervention to see what we desire to see.
37) Malawi is God’s own nation and the hand of God is upon that nation. The truth is Malawi is about to a new dispensation of glory and there is no mortal man that can stop it . But before that I see a lot that we have to pray and the Malawians have to pray . We prophesy peace even after the court declaration in Jesus name .

38) The great president of Gabon should be careful because there are lot of people around him who wish him dead . He meant well for the nation of Gabon . We have to pray for him.

39) I have set forth the 3rd and 4th of January , 2020 for fasting and prayer for him. God will preserve him but we have to pray for him strongly . I see the candle light burning but God will keep him.

40) The nation of Kenya has to pray very well in terms of their security. I see mischievous people with mischievous plan trying to cause bomb blasts at sensitive places . We will put that in prayer from 10th-11th of January 2020.

41) Their is going to be a strong protest in the nation of Cameroon against the leadership and this can be very bad . I saw an aggression that can cause a blood bath. It’s not a conventional protest but a very strong one. I am not a prophet of doom. God revealed to redeem . We are praying that this should be reversed in Jesus name .

42) President Trump will go through all the saga, it will be tough but he will come out of it and it will make him very popular.

43) The ruling party in Ghana should not underestimate the former president contesting on the platform of opposition. There is a star on his head.

44) Zambia. I see the economy of Zambia growing stronger and better than it has ever experienced. You can call it a miracle or wonder but it will further make the president popular. And I see a strong spiritual revival that will move through the land because of the cry of the brethren.

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