Saturday July 24, 2021 2:41 PM

Saraki to Nigerians: Leave Buhari, focus on fixing Nigeria

Former Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has urged Nigerias to stop engaging in  2023 talks, issues on President Buhari and concentrate on fixing Nigeria.

Speaking in a new year’s message, Saraki, congratulated Nigerians, who survived the various difficulties experienced in 2020.

Saraki also consoles with families of security agents who died in active service fire safety and health workers who lost their lives in active service.

“We should find solutions. We should build conversations on what needs to be done to ensure that our security agencies can work together and have the necessary facilities to eliminate insurgency, kidnapping, robbery and harassment of innocent citizens and foreigners engaged in genuine businesses.

“Both leaders and followers should focus on how we can get the economy working, produce youths who can take advantage of new technology and become key players in the communication technology world, attract foreign direct investments, diversify the economy and make the country more relevant and important in the comity of nations.

“Our focus now should be how to ensure that our youths are gainfully engaged and that we create avenues to appropriate their modern ideas, energy and creativity for the purpose of national development. We should be talking about how to ensure that our education and health systems become revived and able to serve the interest of all.”

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