Friday March 05, 2021 8:43 PM

Sen Adeyemi insults Abia gov, calls him a drunkard

A drama ensued in the Senate on Tuesday due to a controversial comment made by Senator Smart Adeyemi referring to Abia Governor as a “drunk.”

The journalist turned politician while contributing to a motion on “Safe School Initiative in Nigeria,”

In his comments, Smart Adeyemi referred to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu as a “champagne drinking man”.

Acccording to Adeyemi, while some Governors like Bello were focused on the welfare and protection of their people, the people of Abia are being governed by ‘drunkards.’

He said: “Despite that some Governors are doing their best, we are lucky to have a governor who has taken the issue of security as a serious priority.

“We are bordered by nine states but we had an experience of the unfortunate incidents that are happening in neighbouring states.

“Some governors are committed to the protection of their people. In my state, the governor awarded contracts for the renovations of schools and provides security services to them.

“In some states of Nigeria today, where we have highly intelligent people, highly educated people, very enterprising people, like Abia, they are governed by drunkards. The governor of Abia is a champagne drinking man.

“Abia people are impoverished more than ever before. Abia people are unfortunate.”

However, Senate President Ahmad Lawan warned him against the use of un-parliamentary language.

Abaribe urged his colleague to apologise to Ikpeazu.

Abaribe said: “Mr President, I will like to make a clarification. Unfortunately, what has happened here today is one of the problems that you see on social media. I never made any comments on the governor of Kogi State. Never.

“What has happened is what we see going on today. People write something and tag your name to it. And if you don’t ask question, you will not know whether you actually said it or not.

“And I see so many things tag to me but I don’t talk. The last time I saw Nuhu Ribadu, I also spoke to him. Something was tag to his name that was very deleterious.

“I’m very surprised that my good friend and colleague decided to open up on the governor of Abia for something I never said.”

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