Thursday November 26, 2020 5:00 PM

Supo Shonibare’s led NWC of SDP still intact- Official

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) says its 2016 elected National Working Committee (NWC) is still intact and legal.

It added that Chief Supo Shonibare still renains the party’s chairman.

Mr Alfa Mohammed, the National Publicity Secretary of the party, said this in a statement on Friday in Abuja.

Mohammed said that it had become very pertinent to inform the public following a news conference by a group called “SDP State Chairmen’s Forum”.

According to him, the forum does not exist in SDP, nor in its constitution.

“It becomes imperative to let the public know that SDP–NWC elected and constituted in 2016 is still intact and functional with the leadership of the acting National Chairman Supo Shonibare,” he said.

Mohammed noted that the 2016 NWC and its leadership has not ceded its functions or powers to any self acclaimed nor self appointed entity in any guise

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