Sunday September 19, 2021 10:22 PM

Democracy Day: Omotola Advocates for Nigeria’s Unity as He Officially Unveils ‘Pro-Nigeria Group’

The Chairman of Center for Institutions Reform in Nigeria, CIRN, Mr Lai Omotola painted the metropolis of Maryland, Lagos green on Saturday with the official unveiling of the much-talked about Pro-Nigeria Group PNG; a platform he set up with a view to preaching the gospel of unity and oneness in the face different seccessionist groups threatening the existence of Nigeria.

Several stakeholders and analysts gave kudos to Omotola for using his hard earned resources to form a platform like PNG at this critical period of Nigerian history when the country is at the brink of another civil war amidst emergence of many angry agitators across the country.

The epoch-making event attracted several pundits and dignitaries from all walks of life who all took their time to explain the reasons why the 107-year old country must remain one despite the myriad of economic and security challenges militating against it.

Speaking during the unveiling of PNG, Omotola said that he decided to form the group in order  to preach the gospel of unity to all ethnic groups in Nigeria, telling them they may have genuine agitations, but with the spirit of oneness, things can surely work out.

He noted that that if the country should collapse and break up, everybody needs to go and queue and start all over again-a situation which according to him, would not be beneficial to anybody.

“After my graduation from the university like some of my colleagues, I had the choice to go to the United States or stay in Nigeria, but unlike some of my peers who travelled our of the country, I made the decision to stay in this country because I believe it can work. There are numerous challenges, but things can surely work out better for Nigeria with the spirit of oneness.

He added that some of the things they are agitating for are genuine. He however noted that every decision one makes out of anger would not succeed.

“Anyone who tells you that nothing will happen is foolish, however, we need to ask ourselves that should we go out of the country because of the challenges we are facing? The answer is No! Therefore since we have decided to stay in Nigeria, we must talk so as to work things out. It is high time everyone who believed that Nigeria can work should speak out,” Omotola said

Speaking further, Omotola stated that those who are agitating for beak up of the country are doing so because they are a angry with the system.

He said: “People hate the system because of too much injustice, people that are angry. People agitating are just doing that because of anger. From 1960 up to this moment, the system of the country has not been working from all Indices,

He noted that the country needs new people with new thinking like the former leader of the defunct Soviet Union, Mikail Gobachev and others, adding that the thought leaders from 1960 has expired.

He recalled the statement made by former President Olusegun Obasanjo that Nigerians now look up to God because the leadership system has failed.

Acccording to him, to make things work in this country, both the leaders and the people of Nigeria must adopt new approach to issues

Buttressing his point, he said ” We can’t fight the same way  our forefathers fought, David defeated Goliath with ordinary stone, he would have failed if he had used sophisticated weapons they were using then

Advising the agitators Omotola said: “You can’t threaten a General in the military with war because he had experienced many fights”

He also advised the President to stop threatening people (agitators) that are already angry, stating that they are in all geo-political zones of the country talking extremely.

Acccording to Omotola, there is a gap between the people and the leaders; noting that the only remedy is the breach builders; the role in which he said a group like PNG has come to play

“Everything you have to do or say must bring peace to party A and B. Anyone singing song of anti-Nigeria is angry.

“We shall engage the government and the people acccording to the workings of the constitution and rule of law,” Omotola added.

Speaking on the strategies on how to carry out his lofty mission, Omotola said that PNG would be engaging eminent personalities and Nigerian leaders that have benefitd from the country in one way or the other.

He also added that PNG would be organizing debate and essay competitions among students of secondary schools on the unity of Nigeria.

He added that PNG will be having a conference on October 1, 2021, Nigeria’s independence day.

“As some are singing song of seperation, some are singing song of unity that leadership value should remain.

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