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There will be better governance if elected governor, APC aspirant promises

Asema Achado, a Benue state governorship aspirant on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC), says he will evolve dynamic methods of governance if elected.

In an interview with NAN in Makurdi, he said that in his first six months in office, he would deploy e-governance to stamp out ghost workers and address outrageous wage bill.

“This will improve productivity, create multiple job opportunities, generate more revenues, cut costs of governance and boost transparency and accountability.

“I have identified huge wage bill as one of the challenges afflicting Benue and I pledge to tackle it in six months if I am elected as a governor.

“I will deploy appropriate software for automated staff verification and management that will collate data of all local and state government staff and pensioners in the state.

“I will eliminate employment nepotism, disenfranchisement, corruption and all illegalities in the system.

“With the help of the software, I will have the record of the exact people employed in the state, their salary, when they are employed and I will balance employments with real figures.

“The system will come with an automatic retirement module with pension scheme from approved pension administrators.

“I want leverage on BVN technology to match account numbers in order to eliminate multiple payments and transaction errors on the payroll,’’ he said.

Achado said he would deploy automated payroll systems that would be directly monitored by his office through e-governance software and called on the residents of Benue to trust him with their votes in the 2019 governorship election in the state.(NAN)

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