Wednesday August 04, 2021 7:38 PM

Trump adamant, says he won’t concede defeat

President Donald Trump has remained adamant, saying that  he would not let a “rigged election steal” his country.

In his tweet, the American leader alleged that President-elect Joe Biden’s supporters were “attacking his supporters who are on a peaceful street protest in Washington DC.”

Trump has refused to concede defeat weeks after Biden was declared the winner of the recent polls.

He has blocked his successor’s transition, withholding intelligence briefings, pandemic information, and access to government, Guardian reports.

“I concede nothing,” he said in a tweet yesterday.

Biden’s incoming Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, largely dismissed Trump’s failure to recognise the former vice president’s victory in an interview on Sunday.

“If the President is prepared to begin to recognise that reality, that is positive,” he told NBC’s Meet the Press programme.

However, he added: “Donald Trump’s Twitter feed doesn’t make Joe Biden president or not president, the American people did that.”

The incumbent is facing a barrage of calls to permit potentially life-saving transition talks between his health officials and incoming President-elect Biden’s aides.

The increasingly urgent pleas are coming from inside his administration, the President-elect’s team, and independent public health experts as COVID-19 cases rage out of control countrywide, claiming more than 1,000 lives a day.

More than 246,000 Americans have died from the disease, and a bitter winter lies ahead even amid encouraging news such as yesterday’s announcement that a vaccine developed by Moderna is demonstrating a high success rate in early clinical trials, the second of such positive vaccine news in about a week.

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