Sunday August 01, 2021 9:44 PM

Trump vs Biden;: Tght race in key states as results trickle in

The polls are beginning to close in the eastern part of the country as Americans choose between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in a momentous election unfolding amid the worst pandemic in 100 years.

Results are flowing in from battlegrounds and it is too early to make a projection in key states like Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and Florida, where a tight race is shaping up in one of the most-watched contests in the country. The state, and its 29 electoral votes, make up an essential building block in Trump’s path to reelection.

The Biden campaign made a final push to get Democratic voters to the polls in Florida, particularly in the populous areas of Miami-Dade, Jacksonville and Tampa, because they expect the state to be tight, according to reporting by CNN’s Jeff Zeleny.

Florida officials expect to report the state’s count relatively quickly, in part because state officials have been prepping ballots for several weeks.

Georgia, an emerging battleground state, also began prepping vote-by-mail ballots ahead of Election Day amid a huge early vote that at least initially seemed to favor Democrats. However, there was a four-hour delay in the start of processing mail-in ballots at State Farm Arena in Atlanta due to a burst pipe. The arena where the Atlanta Hawks play was a major voting and vote processing center in Georgia’s largest city.

CNN projects Trump will win the state of Indiana and its 11 electoral votes, a widely expected result in a traditionally Republican state. Biden is projected to win Vermont. Trump has the early lead in the Electoral College 11-3; 270 electoral votes are needed to become president.

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