Sunday August 01, 2021 9:50 PM

US 2020: Biden on the verge of victory,

Democratic candidate Joe Biden is set to win the bitterly-contested United States President election.

With results in six states still being counted this morning, Biden had won 264 Electoral College Votes – six short of the needed 270. There are 538 Electoral College votes.

Votes were still being counted in Georgia with 16 Electoral College Votes, Pennsylvania (20), North Carolina (15), Alaska (3) and Nevada (6).

Biden was leading in Nevada where 8.5 per cent of the votes had been counted.

He is projected to win the state which Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate in 2014, won by 2.4 points.

President Donald Trump has challenged the votes count in Michigan and Wisconsin which all major news media called for Biden.

Trump earlier yesterday said he would head for the Supreme Court to challenge the results. He declared himself winner and alleged irregularities. Nevada, which holds the ace to Biden’s victory, suspended the final tally till later today. A win for Biden in Nevada will seal his victory.

Trump’s initial large lead in Georgia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina were significantly narrow and and more votes were counted giving an indication that Biden could win and extend his Electoral College Votes margin

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