Wednesday August 04, 2021 7:31 PM

US 2020: Nigerian Pastor organises intensive prayer for Trump

Thousands of devotees of Living Christ Mission Inc, Nigeria have organized an intensive prayer walk for the United States President and Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump ahead of the November 3rd presidential election.

The walk was led by the founder of the church, Most Rev. Daddy Hezekiah and was done in honour of the US presidential candidate, Trump and his country.

Speaking during the prayer march at the church’s headquarters in Onitsha, Anambra State, Daddy Hezekiah explained that the march was a ‘perfect will of God’; hence the importance of prayer in such a vital election could not be overemphasized because ‘there is power in prayer’.

The prophet added that he had to declare a prayer march for the American president because, “he is facing enormous persecutions as a result of unprecedented hatred, envy, jealousy, bias, selfishness and wickedness by many people in the world, Democrats, media houses and more seriously, the witches who even cursed him several times and did their best to cause confusion among people with him”

He noted that one of the reasons Trump is being persecuted is because of his fight against the pronounced moral decadence that characterised the U.S.A such as same sex marriage, abortion and other immoral practices.

Hezekiah praised President Trump for his “unequalled monumental global achievements, especially his moves to make peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), after about 58 years of unhealthy relationship, on one hand and Israel versus Bahrain, on the other hand.

“Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was indeed a giant step in the global history. Jerusalem, without any doubt, is a bonafide territory of the nation of Israel,” he said.

He insisted that America is a very strong nation and therefore needs a strong and wise leader.

“America is also a strategic country and as such, occupies a significant pride of place, as far as global affairs are concerned.

“Unfortunately, there are gang up, hatred and persecutions by some world powers against America and Israel, when in actual sense they are justified. To this end, some of these world powers and other countries of the world often blow out of proportion, anything concerning the USA and Israel”, he said.

The prophet therefore urged Americans with good conscience to uphold the great values of their forefathers by reelecting Trump as their president.

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