Thursday July 29, 2021 4:47 AM

US 2020: Trump heads to court to halt counting of votes in Michigan

The Trump campaign said Wednesday that it had filed a lawsuit to halt the counting of votes in Michigan, alleging it had not been given “meaningful access” to observe the count in several locations.

Bill Stepien, the Trump campaign manager, said in a statement that the lawsuit filed in Michigan state court sought a halt to the count until they were given access, as well as a “review” of ballots already counted.

Donald Trump is trailing Joe Biden, his Democratic challenger, in Michigan with much of the vote already counted. The move by the Trump campaign is one of a series of legal actions that could see the race bogged down in days or weeks of court battles if the vote margins are narrow enough.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Michigan secretary of state, Jocelyn Benson, said the result in her state would likely be clear by the end of the day. “We’re focused on getting this right … in a way that can withstand any court challenges,” she said on Wednesday morning, arguing that lawsuits were often “thrown around to further political agendas” rather than to pursue actual legal claims.

A copy of the Trump campaign lawsuit was not immediately available from the Michigan Court of Claims. A Michigan courts spokesman said it had not yet been filed

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