Sunday August 01, 2021 10:12 PM

US Poll: Democrats rigged through mail-in-ballots, says Candace Owens

New York Times best selling author and the founder of Blexit Organization, Candace Owens has claimed that the US presidential election was massively rigged in favour of the Democrats.

Making this weighty allegation through her tweet, Owens said that the Democrats perpetrated the rigging plan by dumping in mail-in-ballots in the midnight in a systematic way.

Her tweet reads: “The Democrats rigged a United States election in the middle of the night by dumping mail-in ballots.

“There would be no other reason to block audits of those ballots to confirm their legitimacy.

“The media and Big tech is suppressing this truth from the world.

Up till this moment, President Donald Trump of the ruling Republican party is yet to accept defeat, claiming that there was massive electoral fraud.

Trump suppoters have also been protesting across the country.

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