Friday January 15, 2021 7:30 PM

US Saga: PGF DG urges APC to build its political institutions

The Director General of the Progressive Governors’ Forum (PGF), Salihu Moh. Lukman has called on All Progressives Congress (APC) to build its political institutions in order to strengthen democracy in the country.

Acccording to him, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) failed to strengthen the democratic ethos of the country when it ruled Nigeria for sixteen years.

He added that   institutions in the country both in private and public organisations are weak, noting that this caused disregard for rule and laws by leaders at various levels.

He said that it is due to the strong institutions in the US that made Vice President Mike Pence to uphold the election of President-elect Joe Biden, adding if not that, President Trump gaffe would have caused disaster to the world greatest democracy.

“Noting that Mike Pence is the running mate to President Trump, everyone with a Nigerian or Third World mindset would imagine that it is impossible for Vice President Pence to summon the courage to defy what could have ordinarily been interpreted to mean an instruction from President Trump to his Vice President. To be able to resist such a temptation that would have prolong Mike Pence’s tenure as US Vice President for another four years wouldn’t have been made possible without incorruptible strong institutions, combined with the leadership of experienced people with integrity who have both values and the fear of God.”

“A very significant priority is the development of bureaucracy within our political parties. This is largely because given the role of political parties in producing political leaders, once our parties are unable to recognise and respect the value of bureaucracies to guide processes of decision making and implementation within the party, elected leaders that they produce would most likely go into government with a mindset that at best disregard proposals and recommendations from civil service and other government bureaucracies. This can only breed administrative authoritarianism,” he said.

The Director General said APC should undertake a total overhaul of the party Secretariat to enable it perform the desired role.

According to him; “The need to undertake audit of what currently exist as the party’s Secretariat, its functions and personnel. For instance, how is it structured to provide services to the APC as provided by the constitution of the party? Are there supportive rules provided for the operation of the party bureaucracy? How effective has the applications of those rules been? What is required to strengthen the rules guiding the discharge of functions of the Secretariat?

“How are the personnel of the Secretariat recruited? Are there standard recruitment guidelines, highlighting qualifications requirements? How can the process be strengthened?”

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