Wednesday January 27, 2021 5:43 PM

Why 2020 was extremely tough for gov Seyi Makinde- PDP

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo State said on Wednesday that last year 2020 was extremely difficult and turbulent for Governor Seyi Makinde.

Acccording to the party, negative situations such as COVID-19 virus, #ENDSARS protests provocative statements from the opposition parties made the year a tough one for him.

The statement was jointly released and co-signed by the chairman, Alhaji Kunmi Mustapha, the state secretary, Alhaji Wasiu Adeleke, and the state publicity secretary, Engr Akeem Olatunji

The statement said that indeed, 2020 was a year of test of leadership ability for Governor Seyi  Makinde.

“Last year 2020 was a year that can best be described as a test on leadership and administration skills of any political leader especially those in power which is why our absolute faith, trust, and unalloyed support remain with our ‘God Sent Man’ Engr Seyi Makinde”

“It is so disheartening to see the crop of people parading themselves as politicians in the opposition parties these days, they can best be described as political businessmen and women who can trade anything just to gain power to self aggrandize and oppress the less privileged members of the society.”

“In the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic during the first wave, most of the states in Nigeria including all the other five south west states without recourse to individual states peculiarities embarked on copy paste policy of the FG, went on total lockdown increased the rate of suicide tendencies in the face of hunger and increased poverty.”

“But Seyi Makinde in his wisdom and administration acumen adopted partial lockdown policy which enraged amateurs in politics leading to deliberate media campaign against Makinde led government just because Oyo state refused to join the bandwagon.”

“Going by their seemingly endless vituperations and castigation on radio and various online news media, one would have expected that casualties from the pandemic would have greatly decline across all the states under total lockdown and increased casualties in Oyo state for adopting partial lockdown for economic reasons.

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