Thursday October 06, 2022 5:47 PM

Why APC fixes N100m for presidential nomination form- Spokesman

The ruling All Progressives Congress, APC has broken silence on the expensive nomination forms for its aspirants ahead of 2023 general elections.

Speaking, the National Publicity Secretary, Felix Morka says party advised itself on the price tags on its nomination forms.

It was reported yesterday that the APC fixed the presidential nomination form for N100m.

It announced that the party’s forms for Presidential ticket will be sold at N100 million, governorship N50 million; Senate, N20 million; House of Representatives, N10 million and State Houses of Assembly, N2 million.

In an in interview with Channels Television, Morka said, “What is the current situation in the country? We still live in a country where there are people who make legitimate money.”

He added:  “The party is not for the rich. I just told you that for instance, any woman who wants to run for the office of the President is not paying the full amount. The youths as well.”

“The party advised the party. The party thinks that…and made the decision that the value put on these forms are justified.”

He added, “Don’t forget that some of the most special groups of citizens were granted high considerations. Either delivering the nomination forms for free in the case of women and people living with disabilities.

“But youths who are within 25 to 50 also have the advantage of a 50 percent discount for all positions, even the office of the President. We receive that nomination form you talk about at 50%. So, they’ll pay the expression of interest, plus 50 percent of the N70m.”

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