Friday October 07, 2022 3:49 AM

Why we made our forms available to everyone who needs it- APC

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has shed light on why it sold its presidential nomination and expression of interest forms for theto everyone who came purchasing.

Responding to questions in an interview on  Channels Television o the APC spokesman, Barr. Felix Morka was asked why the party went as far as allowing groups and individuals to buy forms for some aspirants.

It was learnt that the ruling party  raked in  about N2.8 billion from the sale of 28 presidential nomination and expression of interest forms alone; while 25 of those forms were filled and submitted, three were not submitted.

Speaking on the matter,


Morka said, “If I believe very strongly in you that you’ll make a good President…you know, I’ll purchase. As at the time of purchase, there are no filters.

“You come, indicate the office you want to purchase a form for, make the payment, payment is confirmed and the form is given to you.

“It’s at the point of submission that the actual verification begins, where we begin to check all of the requirements, whether you actually met those requirements or not and all of the things the guideline set out as eligibility to run.

“It is at the point of submission actually that we begin to do the checklist of those things that should be there, but otherwise, at the point of purchase, we sell the forms.”

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