Sunday June 26, 2022 12:07 PM

Wike won’t be allowed to cross his boundary- Akwa-Ibom APC

The Cross River State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Alphonsus Eba has issued strong warning to the Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike

According to him, Wike will no longer be allowed to cross the boundary of political decency in the state.

He issued this warning ehile reacting to the governor’s visit to Cross River where he reportedly berated Governor Ben Ayade for allegedly attempting to stop the Peoples Democratic Party rally last Saturday.

He added that that Cross River would no longer condone this “as the state is not an extension of Rivers State.”

He continued, “Nyesom Wike has been a constant meddlesome interloper and today, we want to say that enough is enough.

“He was here on Saturday to incite violence in Cross River State but it took the maturity of our leader and Governor, Prof Ben Ayade, to avert violence.

“What he has set to do overtime is to import political cannibalism from Rivers State politics into Cross River State.

“Cross Riverians will no longer allow him to cross the boundary of the line of political decency.”

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According to Eba, the youths in the state have been liberated and will not give space for such incivility any longer.

“The Ayade administration has liberated over one million youths and the youths want to tell him that he will have no space to cross any longer.

“We are a peace-loving people and very decent and civilised and led by two very prominent professors.

“We want the world to know that the governor with his level of exposure, education, and political capital cannot reduce himself to the level of a man with poverty of intellectual capacity,” he said.

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