Friday October 07, 2022 3:24 AM

You are treading on self-destructive path – Wike warns PDP

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the Govermor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has warned the Peoples Democratic Party, saying that the opposition party is taking a  a self-destructive path.

According to him, the major opposition party should not be the one that is responsible for its own calamities if truly it wants to win the 2023 general elections.

The Governor dropped this snippet  on Tuesday while inaugurating a VIP Lounge built at the Port Harcourt International Airport by his his government.

The Governor accused some party stakeholders and members of giving  rumours about him to the presidential candidate of PDP, AAtiku Abubakar.

Speaking in the company of Bauchi Governor, Bala Mohammed, he said that such stakeholders should be making move to give victory for the PDP in the next year general elections

“A party that wants to win an election cannot on their own be causing problems for themselves, carrying rumours when there is nothing”, he said.

He said: “We are busy campaigning with our projects on how our party will win election in the state, other people are busy in Abuja carrying rumours and gossip up and down.

“We are busy here commissioning and inaugurating projects that will sell our party, others are busy every day in the newspaper talking about Wike and then they will call the candidate, ‘did you see what I have said about Wike today?’ They have no job.

“Instead of you to do something that will make your party win elections, you are only busy everyday on Wike said this. Where you heard from Wike, I do not know. Maybe in your dreams.

“You want to support the candidate but you are not at home. You are in Abuja. Come home and campaign and work for the party. Stop this Abuja politics of carrying rumours to the candidate.

“Only one person can be a Minister from the state. I will not be a Minister. I am not a liability. Rivers State is an asset. If you don’t want to win the election, it is your business I am not the one running an election. He who wears the shoes knows where it pinches him.

“So allow Rivers to keep doing what they are doing by using our projects to campaign to our people. Next few days we will be in Omagwa and Igirita to flag off the internal roads. We have done Isiokpo, we have almost finished Omarelu. We have finished Alu. These are the things we will use to tell the people see why you should vote for us.

“It is not the gossip and it is not appearing on television stations that will help you to win. It is what you have done. The report card you have”.

He said despite all the rumours, nobody had met with his camp adding that nobody should hope on only Rivers for votes.

He said: “Meanwhile nobody has met Wike’s camp if at all Wike has any camp. I am not a theoretical politician, I am a practising politician. If as a Governor I don’t stay in n Abuja, I don’t even sleep there, those people sleeping there, what are they doing there?

“Their business is to go home and talk to their people. Leave Abuja alone. You cannot be there to direct what is happening. Very soon we will know who can deliver his unit, his ward and local government and his state. But don’t think you will only hope on my own state. Everybody bring your own”.

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