Monday January 24, 2022 4:02 AM

Ekiti: APC blasts PDP, says Fayemi can create Local Governments

Southwest All Progressives Congress (APC) Publicity Secretary Chief Karounwi Oladapo has chided the Southwest Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for opposing the creation of additional councils in Ekiti State.

He said in a statement that the opposition party displayed ignorance by flaying the creation of additional 19 Local Council Development Areas, (LCDAs) to complement the existing 16 Local Governments, (LGs) in the state.

He explained that the APC Government realised that the Local Government headquarters are growth centres where development spreads to the other towns and communities under them. Oladapo said the growth-centre theory has proven over time that the closer a community is to the growth centres, the faster its development and civilization.

He said breaking a local government with one headquarter into two or more growth centres, under the LCDA system, will make development spread faster to other communities within that local government.

Oladapo added: “The new growth centres are named Local Council Development Areas, (LCDAs) pending the consequential approval of the National Assembly as stipulated in the 1999 Constitution as amended.

“There is no rocket science about the funding of the LCDAs. The various communities have taken ownership of the LCDAs and they are willing to provide the necessary resources and supports for their survival and sustainability.

Yes, resources may be scarce, but it is the judicious utilisation of scarce resources as well as the enabling environment that has turned Ekiti into an investment destination that’s responsible for the successes attained by the government.

“Creating additional LCDAs will bring Government closer to the people at the grassroots. More efforts will be geared towards the grassroots development. The grassroots will have less distance to travel before they access their grassroot Government headquarters. For instance, the people of Afao Community, who were hitherto under the Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government, will no longer travel several kilometres to Igede before accessing their Local Government headquarter. They can easily walk down to their new Ifedara LCDA headquarter in Igbemo if they decide not to go by vehicles!

“Creating additional LCDAs will stimulate more development and engender increment in the internally generated revenues to the LCDAs; meaning more money will be available than hitherto.”

“Creating additional LCDAs will automatically lead to the elevation of some existing Local Government workers because more administrative, middle and low level cadres will be required to run the newly created LCDAs. This creation will make Local Government workers’ promotions faster and more employment opportunities are generated. Some Local Government workers that are hitherto packed together in a crowded office, using one table, will now have conducive environment to work, leading to their enhanced happiness and productivity.

The process of creating LCDAs is the product of the people’s desire and not a product of sterile partisanship. Indeed, realizing this, many PDP leaders in the state have privately called the Governor to thank him for this exercise in grassroots development.

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