Wednesday August 10, 2022 11:54 PM

Politicians moving against e-voting real enemies of Nigeria- Gov Diri’s aide

A senior aide to the Bayelsa State Governor Chief Collins Cocodia, says politicians kicking against the transmission of election results to the server of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, from the polling units are the real enemies of the country.

Cocodia who is the Special Assistant to the Governor on politiical matters was reacting to the development on a live program at the State-owned Radio Station, Glory FM 97.1,

According to him, the hurried manner being made to  pass the Electoral Act as amended, without the inclusion of results transmission to INEC server is not only undemocratic but callous.

He said that at a time other nations of the world were taking steps to protect their democracy, politicians in Nigeria were bent on winning elections by rigging.

“It is disturbing to hear that they want to remove the transmission of election results from the polling units. If that happens, then we are going into an era of violence, massive rigging and violation of all electoral laws. So I think it is just going to take the country backwards”.

He urged the Federal Government to support the Independent National Electoral Commission, by giving it room for the conduct of the elections via electronic voting,

“I am a politician, but I want the right things to be done, that’s why I have been clamouring for the total embrace of electronic voting. I thought by now the APC led Federal Government will be working towards achieving that”.

“But you and I know that if that comes to play, it means that most of the persons at the red and green chambers will not have the opportunity to return, and they are scared of that, especially when they know they haven’t delivered the goods to the people, and they know they will be rejected through the ballot when they seek reelection”.

“So far we made progress in Edo and Ondo where results were transmitted and it went well. So if it went well in areas it was tried and Nigerians applauded it, I see no reason why some persons in the current National Assembly are trying to remove what we make our electoral act to be thick”.

“You know the APC led federal government don’t care about the masses, whatever they want to do they do it, even if it will spark outrage amongst Nigerians. We take a step forward and twenty steps backwards”.

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